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Classroom Management

Classroom management and teaching methods have an important influence on children's
behaviour. The classroom environment gives clear messages to the children about the
extent to which they and their efforts are valued. Relationships between adults and
children, strategies for encouraging good behaviour, arrangements of furniture, access
to resources and classroom displays all have a bearing on the way children behave.
Classrooms should be organised to develop independence and personal initiative.
Furniture should be arranged to provide an environment conducive to on-task behaviour.
Materials and resources should be arranged to aid accessibility and reduce uncertainty
and disruption.


The best and most successful approach to creating a positive ethos is to treat children
positively, by praising them, offering them encouragement and acknowledging their
achievements. We will ensure children know that their effort and achievement is recognized
and valued, they will be rewarded through a range of possibilities:

• Team points
• Stickers
• Certificates
• Wall of achievement
• Portfolios
• Praise of good and improved behaviour
• Praise of good and improved work
• Class reward systems

All classes will have the rewards displayed in the classroom to be able to refer to. As well as acknowledging
and celebrating individual efforts and successes, pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively as a team
and gain points for their teams. Winning teams are celebrated in a termly whole school assembly. All colour
teams have elected team captains.


When we discuss inappropriate behaviour, we will encourage children to consider alternative choices they
could have made which would have resulted in a positive outcome. Consequences of inappropriate behaviour
• Time out in class or in another class
• The child will be asked to think about what he/she has done wrong, what other choices could have been
made and where appropriate, write a letter of apology.
• Loss of privileges (e.g. miss a playtime)
• Under supervision work may be finished at playtime
• The child may be sent to the Headteacher
Please remember that we will always try to be fair.
If there is a problem, the children involved will have the opportunity to offer an explanation.
Rules are displayed in classrooms.

Further information about our Behaviour Policy and other policies can be viewed on request.
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